Why Germane Research?

Germane specializes in information gathering – we gather, analyze and dessiminate the information you need to make a decision. The results will be returned to you as a report with analysis and our recommendations for further action.  Germane will find the information critical to your business or your life.

Absolutely anything can be researched:  company, industry, competitive intelligence, person, place, trend, idea, fad, food, animal, piece of furniture – yes, we could do an entire report on “what is a chair?”   So often we hear, “well….there’s probably nothing on this.”  Virtually every time the research begins the topic is well-covered.  And, if there is no information on your topic, that may be the answer!

Most of Germane’s clients are in business , but we do plenty of research for non-business clients.  To provide a snapshot of our capabilities, below is a selection of topics Germane has researched this year (specifics are left out due to client confidentiality):


  • Top 25 credit unions in U.S., brief overview of difference in banking/credit union law.
  • Overview of TPA’s, industry leaders, instruction in monitoring the industry.
  • What is the insurance law for Agents and Brokers in this region of the U.S.


  • Electronic medical records as it relates to HC Reform and our policyholders.
  •  Monitor HC Reform – weekly updates.
  •  Provide a ‘ state of industry’ for Telemedicine in various settings, e.g. eICU.


  • Define social media sites by audience – annotate, workplace regulations in CA, TX and NY.
  • Company branding – find and describe companies who re-branded, results of.
  • How can different industries benefit from social media.


  • Market for Asian air freight exports between Singapore – Pacific US and Taiwan – Pacific U.S.
  • Weekly export/import data from Gulf of Mexico
  • Small-Medium sized Courier data.


  • Embedded Librarianship
  • ‘Knowledge Management’ in organizations – explain
  • Research software systems being used, e.g. Sharepoint


  • Overview of copyright laws in corporations; creative commons, other sources, etc., presentation to firm.
  • Provide research into medical professional and allied healthcare law in the following states…
  • Provide law for insurance agents and brokers in these three states.

Of Note:

Those of us who conduct research understood privacy issues long before “privacy” was the issue it has become.  When Germane Research accepts an assignment, the client’s identity, the research request, the material gathered and the methodology, is confidential. Always.


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